Play Minecraft with Type 1 Diabetes
and get magic powers!

MC:T1 is a revolutionary game that simulates Type 1 Diabetes in Minecraft,
teaching the interaction of blood glucose, insulin, and carbs.

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Zero motivation required

Kids love Minecraft. With MC:T1 they learn the dynamics of living with Type 1 Diabetes while they play.

The most popular video game
of all time now teaching kids (and adults) about their condition, or the condition of someone in their community.

Featured at the Lyfebulb-Novo Nordisk Innovation Summit

MC:T1 was one of twelve technologies disrupting the future of diabetes management that featured in the 2017 Lyfebulb-NovoNordisk Innovation Summit in Copenhagen.

Built by and the community.

The world's most innovative platform for coding in Minecraft.

Play MC:T1 Now!

MC:T1 is in beta.

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